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 Matt's Mortgage Minute

Getting up to speed on the mortgage process just got easier

Welcome to Matt's Mortgage Minute,
a series of 12, 2-5 minute videos, to help you become a more effective and knowledgeable home buyer.  

  • the content in these videos will help you shorten your home search by months!
  • click videos below
Intro & Episode 1 - debunking negative housing news
Episode 2 - The housing market: Is now a good time to buy?
Episode 3 - Choosing a lender - What's your rate??
Episode 4 - Do you know your numbers?
Episode 5 - Sample purchase worksheet
Episode 6 - Aren't all pre-approvals the same?
Episode 7 - This pre-approval is not about you
Episode 8 - Dynamic pre-approval = stronger offer
Episode 9 - Property specific strategies for a stronger offer
Episode 10 - How Caleb stopped losing houses - a precautionary tale
Episode 11 - Buy a fixer-upper -- repair costs included
Episode 12 - Wrap up...

Matt, I would like my own purchase worksheet.